23 Jul

Street Fighter V (for PlayStation 4)

Street Fighter V (for PlayStation 4)

V-Reversals, Street Fighter V’s version of Alpha Counters, require one V-Gauge stock and let you counter a move from a blocking position by pressing all three punches or kicks. Unlike Alpha Counters, V-Reversals don’t result in a universal counter; depending on the character that you select, V-Reversals can knock down, switch sides, or push back opponents.

Because V-Reversals are character-specific, you’ll want to spend time learning how to best apply them in battle more here.

13 Jul

Piloteer (for iPad)


The game’s lovely paper-cutout art style shines as you soar across quaint urban environments. And when your character inevitably crumples into a limp ragdoll mess, the whimsical visuals keep the mood amusing rather than gruesome. After all, even successful landings usually look like they should be breaking your character’s shinbones more here.

09 Jul

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork ProjectsProject management is so complex that you can sink two years getting a master’s degree in it. Teamwork Projects ($49 per month as tested; plans start at $12 per month) actually makes it quite easy to handle. Teamwork Projects$49.00 at Teamwork.com eases many of the pains of project management by giving team members a self-explanatory interface that comes with all the tools needed to manage projects, keep an eye on people’s time, bill clients, and more. It’s one of the best project management services you’ll find, and it’s an Editors’ Choice, see more.

05 Jul

Igloo Software

Igloo Software

A free intranet account is also available, with the following limitations: 10 users, three team spaces, and 10GB of storage space. All the other features of the paid accounts come with the free account, which is pretty generous click here.

04 Jul

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMSIn the crowded corporate Learning Management System (LMS) market, Absorb breaks away from the pack by providing an extensive feature list (from gamification to integrated e-commerce), smart tag-based filtering, and a best-in-class contextual interface with responsive Web design. Certainly, there are more affordable alternatives, such as Litmos, for smaller business. However, Absorb is the most attractive and functional turnkey LMS we’ve tested, and it’s a bargain—for larger offices, see more.

30 Jun


SmartsheetEvery successful business already uses spreadsheets, and probably uses them for a lot more than just budgeting. Smartsheet is a piece of collaboration software that uses the familiar, flexible power of the spreadsheet for project management. It’s a unique hybrid that can handle everything from budgeting and reporting, to resource management and task tracking. But while Smartsheet certainly makes spreadsheets smarter, they’re still just spreadsheets. Look to products like Editors’ Choice Zoho Projects for an intuitive and elegant project management solution, straight from the source.

29 Jun



This means that LeanKit has a methodology (perhaps even an ideology) built-in. That’s not to say that LeanKit isn’t flexible; you can use it however you want. But getting the most out of it requires buying into the software and the ideas behind it more here.

03 Jun

Snapseed (for iPad)


When Apple itself chooses an app as the best of the year out of the hundreds of thousands in the App Store, you know you’ve got a winner. In its iTunes App Store Rewind 2011, the oracle of Cupertino bestowed the title of Best iPad App of 2011 on Snapseed for iPad. The photo enhancing app comes from Nik Software, a venerable player in the image software business that’s developed pro-level effects for Photoshop for years Snapseed for iPad can not only correct and add zest to images shot with your Apple tablet’s camera, but also easily shares them on Flickr, Facebook, or Twitter, read this post here

26 May

DxO Optics Pro 7

DxO Optics Pro 7

DxO is better known for its embedded camera software and image-testing software, but the French company is increasingly sharing its expertise and strong academic ties with digital photographers. The results are little short of amazing, letting you get the most accurate and therefore lifelike images possible from your digital camera. Optics Pro 7 differs from most imaging software, such as Adobe Photoshop ($699, 5 stars) and its little brother, Photoshop Elements ($99.99, 4 stars), which offer lot of doodads to gussy up your photos. It also differs from professional workflow apps like Lightroom ($299, 4.5 stars) which offers an abundance of importing and organizing features. Instead DxO’s $99 Optic Pro 7 can be thought of as a dedicated digital photo correction tool. It will be of interest not only to photography professionals, but also to enthusiast who want to get the most accurate images from their digital SLRs or high-end point-and-shoots, continue here.